Pitching & Networking Events

From time to time CapiTrain and Deep Ocean will organise Pitching & Networking Events for MOC alumni to attend.

  1. These events will be open to all MOC alumni, whether you want to pitch or not
  2. This type of event will be held on a regular basis, both in Jhb and CT (and Durban too, as we grow there)
  3. It is primarily a networking and marketing event, for us to get together often and keep in contact
  4. The pitching part of it is to allow people to market their businesses and let the broader network know what they are doing, what help they need etc. It is virtually certain that if you need something, someone in the network will be able to assist or refer you to someone that can. It is NOT just about raising funds
  5. Any person that does want to pitch his/her business will be allowed a 15 minute slot to do so. Whether this is for practice, for marketing, for critical feedback, or for actual fund raising purposes (cannot be an offer to the public), please feel free to do so
  6. We will have an overhead projector available for pitches
  7. To cover venue costs and some catering, a cover fee will be charged. We will also be running a cash bar within our venue room
  8. Use the day for whatever purpose you want. Feel free to market your business in any way possible. We want to promote and foster collaboration
  9. Unless Deep Ocean is specifically on mandate or has founder shares / invested, it does not specifically endorse a particular pitch
  10. Even if it is to just catch up, please join us