What you will learn

“Anything that does not comply with your logic must therefore be called a miracle.”

Course Features

The course is designed for business owners, CEO, COO and CFOs with limited value for fresh graduates. It covers the strategic design of a bankable company with a clear exit strategy for founders and investors. You are brought into the insights of:

  • Dissected business models;
  • Corporate analysis;
  • Mechanics of corporate planning;
  • Risk profiling, risk appetite as well as protection and investment restructuring strategies.
  • The course is the result of Dr Wong’s personal experience as a venture capitalist regarding the development and listing of businesses on various stock exchanges.

Ideas of aspirational visibility and aspirational clarity will be dealt with in detail. This forms the underlying rationale of contemporary business restructuring and practice. The course will explain why so many companies are dead-end by design and entrepreneurs are exhausted, doing the same things without making any real headway.

Why do so many feasible companies fail to get investments? How does feasibility differ from bankability?

Based on a discussion forum with participant input rather than lectures, the course utilises real life case studies to explore the difference between feasible and bankable business models as well as management and financing techniques that facilitate business growth.

Participants will learn to demolish preconceived notions that had subconsciously been part of their norms. Liberated from these constraints, they can now redesign their businesses and careers that will lead to a self-defined destination without hindrances.

The focus on market valuation as the objective for the value of every company is emphasised. Empowerment is by choice, using truth as the underlying foundation for entrepreneurial actions, this is not a motivational seminar, but one on real entrepreneurship. This seminar helps you demolish barriers and redesign your business ideas into reality.

The course relies heavily on real life case studies, and made into a step by step, and easy to understand format. The amount of self-awareness, arising realisations and light bulb moments will be a key feature of the course. The complexity of corporate finance is dissected into an easily digestible format.


Over the three days participants will explore the topics of:

Day 1: Business Model Design

The course initiates by exploring well known businesses and the public’s inability to recognise how these businesses truly create a profit. Amongst the case studies Dr Wong discusses why Dell computing’s true income stream is derived from ________ and Apple is in reality the world’s largest __________ company deriving revenue from _____________.

By the end of the day participants will be able to review businesses and identify various methods by which the business model can be transformed to create sustainable profit in the face of competition.

Day 2: Business Growth

Once participants have the ability to design a robust business model Dr Wong embarks on a journey to reveal how listed companies utilise funds to achieve growth and justify a listing. Participants will deconstruct a R28 billion rand property development project and witness how the funds for the development will be raised before listing.

The concepts of corporate finance are presented in a simple yet comprehensive manner making them understandable by individuals with even limited finance experience.

Day 3: Corporate Structuring and Management

The final day encompasses the various topics discussed and shows participants how to harness their new knowledge to achieve their business vision. The day is spent discussing corporate structuring as well as management techniques which facilitate business model development and corporate growth.

The final outcomes of the course are useful and powerful yet implementable action plans that allow participants to re-map their entire corporate strategies and corporate cultures.