Board of Directors and Corporate Governance

Designed to assist the CEO in dealing with the Board of Directors and what is expected in the monthly Board packs, the training includes the following:

  1. What is a Board of Directors and what does it to
  2. Composition of a Board of Directors
  3. What role does the Chairman play
  4. The difference between Executive and Non-Executive Directors
  5. The difference between Directors and Management
  6. Can an investor demand a Board seat?
  7. What goes into the monthly Board Pack and Agenda

Financial Roadmap (FRM) to IPO

One of the key concepts of the MOC program is a Financial Roadmap to IPO. This training expands on the FRM and explains how the FRM is constructed taking into account the following:

  1. Background to valuation – “traditional” companies – and the 3 core methods of valuation
    • Comparable company analysis
    • Precedent transactions analysis
    • Discounted cash flow analysis
  2. Background to valuation – “Silicon Valley” companies
    • Definitions of Seed, Series A, Series B etc
    • Analysis of what companies are valued at and how much they raise at each stage
    • Dissection of “value per user” and “per unit economics” and how these can help with valuation discussions
    • Analysis of the Facebook IPO path
  3. Background to comparable data gathering
  4. Practical example of a FRM to IPO
    • Based on data gathered and company forecasts
  5. Some examples of IPO paths – some successful and others not
  6. Why an Option Pool is important (and how investors can use it against you)
  7. The Cap Table – what is it and how to set it out
  8. Why private valuations have changed since the end of 2015


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